Help a Soul

On behalf of Yusuf, a child with a bright future but a birth deformity which hinders him from walking. We plead to you reading this that we have to raise a substantial amount of #967,000 for him to be operated on,  to be able to walk.  The baby step of treating him temporarily  with POP at Igbobi has yielded no much positive result hence the operation .
      This child didn't choose this misfortune upon himself. It could happen to anyone or anyone's child.  You can do something.  Let's save a life and change a life. The life of YUSUF AZEEZ ENIOLA.

Forward whatever you are Blessed and want to help with to this account:
Awoyemi Oluwagbogo
Wema bank.

Lets join hands and Give Yusuf a new life, A life he deserved.
Nothing is too small To Give and Nothing is too much to Help with.
Be someone's Hero and Angel.
Help a soul
Save a Child, Save the World.



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